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Porcine Parvovirus Vaccine,Inactivated(Strain NJ)

Ingredients and ConcentrationThe product is composed of inactivated Porcine Parvovirus strain NJ, before inactivated, the virus content is at least 107.0 TCID50/ml.
PropertyMilky white emulsion.
Actions and UsesIt is used to prevent Porcine Parvovirus disease. Immunization period is 6 months.
Application and DosagesIntramuscular injection in neck is suggested. 2ml/dose.
The recommended immunization procedure is as follows: the gilts are immunized once a month before the breeding (6-7 months old); the sows are immunized once every 3 to 4 weeks before breeding; the breeding boars are immunized twice a year.
Abnormal Reaction】None.
(1)  The product is used only for healthy swine.
(2)  The vaccine should not be frozen, exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight. The vaccine should be carefully checked before use, it should not been used, such as demulsification, discoloration, cracks in the vaccine bottle, etc.
(3)  Before use, the vaccine is returned to room temperature and shaken. Once the vaccine is turned on, it should be used up within the day.
(4)  Not suitable for pregnant sows.
(5)  The remaining vaccines, vaccine bottles and syringes should be treated harmlessly.
Specification 4 ml/bottle, 10 ml/bottle, 20 ml/bottle, 50 ml/bottle, 100 ml/bottle.
Package10 bottles/box, 20 bottles/box
 Storage and ExpirationStorage at 2~8℃ for 12 months.

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